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            Saichek Law Firm, APC

            decades of experience serving the complex needs of benefit plan fiduciaries

            San Diego | Washington, D.C.

            San Diego skyline

            Shana Saichek has become Of Counsel to The Wagner Law Group, and Linda Stuessi has become an associate attorney at The Wagner Law Group. You can reach them at .

            The Saichek Law Firm no longer provides legal services.

            Attorney Linda Stuessi

            Attorney Linda Stuessi LINDA L. STUESSI, ESQ

            Direct Line: (760) 331-7202


            Attorney, Saichek Law Firm, APC
                      January 2008 - present

            • Draft trust documents, including trust agreements, plans, amendments, COBRA notices, notices and communications to plan participants, and summary plan descriptions
            • Research legal issues in employee benefits law and tax law and draft legal research memorandums to Board of Trustees and/or trust advisors
            • Coordinate with other trust advisors on all trust issues involving legal questions
            • Attend Board of Trustee meetings to report legal developments and guide the trustees on legal issues
            • Trust clients include active medical plans, multiple employer plans, single employer plans, governmental plans, and retiree medical plans
            • Research and prepare requests to IRS for private letter ruling
            • Respond to legal questions from trust advisors and trustees between trust meetings
            • Review and negotiate contracts from trust service providers

            Adjunct Faculty, Coastal Carolina Community College广西福彩app下载
                    Jacksonville, North Carolina
                    August 2003 - December 2007 

            • Teach traditional and online classes in Business Law and Employment Law
            • Employment law course includes employee benefits, ERISA, employer-employee relationships, Title VII, race, religious, and gender discrimination, regulation of employment, workers' compensation, and Fair Labor Standards Act
            • Business Law I course includes contracts, UCC, ethics, court systems, torts, criminal law, and negotiable instruments
            • Business Law II course includes UCC, intellectual property, real and personal property, landlord-tenant, trusts and estates, insurance contracts, bankruptcy, security interests, agency, employment law, partnerships, and corporations

            Attorney, Perkins Coie
                     Seattle, Washington
                     October 1995 – September 1996

            Manage documents and supervise paralegals on securities class action lawsuit

            • Research legal issues, draft pleadings, and write legal briefs for litigation
            • Review and categorize documents during discovery process and in preparation for trial

            Associate, King & Ballow
                      San Diego, California
                      September 1993 – June 1995

            • Civil litigation in employment, labor and first amendment law
            • Appearances in federal and state court on pretrial conferences, discovery conferences, motion hearings, and scheduling conferences
            • Draft motions for summary judgment, discovery motions, complaints, answers, arbitration briefs, and other various pleadings
            • Propound and respond to written discovery
            • Consult with clients, interview witnesses, and take depositions

            Law Clerk, US District Court for Southern District of California
                      San Diego, California
                      September 1992 – September 1993

            • Settlement conferences and court docket management
            • Legal research and writing

            Law Clerk, US Court of Appeal for the Seventh Circuit
                      Madison, Wisconsin
                      July 1991- September 1992

            Legal research, analysis, and writing


            State Bar of California (12/15/92)
            US District Court, SD CA (1/19/93)
            US Court of Appeal, 9th Circuit (4/18/94)